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How to install CouchCMS and test in your localhost server?

CouchCMS is an open source CMS that you can integrate with any custom based HTML or PHP website. With the help of  CouchCMS you can edit your website front end data through admin / back end section.\

Here is few simple steps that you can run it on your machine / localhost successfully.

Prerequisite :

1. You must have XAMPP installed on your machine.

2. Download the latest version of CouchCMS through URL - https://www.couchcms.com/

3. After that go to your htdocs folder or follow this path C:\xampp\htdocs

4. Paste the CouchCMS download folder to htdocs folder and extract it.

5. Before installation CouchCMS requires a database, so we need to create a database, for database creation open your default browser like Chrome or Firefox and in URL section type localhost/phpmyadmin and then create a database with any name.

6. After that open your CouchCMS folder and you will see a PHP file called config.example.php, rename this file to config.php otherwise you will get error like this -
"config.php" not found. Perhaps you forgot to rename the "config.example.php" file to "config.php" after editing it?

7. Now open config.php file to notepad and you will see code like this -

// Name of the database
define( 'K_DB_NAME', 'database_name' );
// Database username
define( 'K_DB_USER', 'database_username' );
// Database password
define( 'K_DB_PASSWORD', 'database_password' );

8. Now change the database_name to your phpmyadmin databse, database_username to your local database username and database_password with database password.

7. Now go to browser tab and type localhost and go to CouchCMS folder and you will see a installation form will come up. You need to put your local database, username and password and then click on install button and after that installation will be successful.


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