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Lists of Transaction Code in SAP

SE11 - ABAP dictionary.
SE12 - ABAP dictionary (display only).
SE13 - Technical settings of a table. (display and change).
SE14 - Database utility.
SE15 - Repository information system.
SE16 - Data browser.
SE17 - General table display.
SE18 - BAdi builder for definitions.
SE19 - BAdi builder for implementation.
SE20 - Enhancements (Enhancements Spots).
SE21 - Package builder.
SE24 - Class builder.
SE30 - Runtime analysis.
SE32 - Text element maintenance.
SE33 - Context builder.
SE35 - Dialog module maintenance.
SE36 - Logical database builder.
SE37 - Function builder.
SE38 - ABAP Editor.
SE39 - ABAP Splitscreen editor.
SE40 - Menu painter standard maintenance.
SE41 - Menu painter.
SE43 - Area menu maintenance

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