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What are the DDIC objects in SAP

May 23, 2024

There are 7 DDIC objects in SE11 Tcode in SAP system.

1. Database Table : We can display, change, create custom tables ( starting with Z or Y ) here and we can display SAP's standard table.

2. View : We can create a view using table join ( Data will not store physically ) or display or edit a already created view.

3. Data Type : Here we can create Data Element, Structure, Table Type.

4. Type Group : Here we can define a Type group program where all predefine data type will declare.

5. Domain : Here we can define field data type, no of characters, value range, fix value, output length.

6. Search Help : It is used to give input help of a screen. It is also known as F1 Help.

7. Lock Object : This facility used to give two users simultaneous access of same data using locking mechanism.

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