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BDC Call Transaction in SAP

June 05, 2024

Batch data communication is a popular old method to move legacy data to the SAP system. In BDC SAP uses a screen to update the data.
In BDC there are two types of data update methods. Call transaction and session method, here I will discuss BDC call transaction.

In the BDC method we have to record the screen with demo data through SHDB Tcode.

In call transaction we have to map the custom structure field with bdc_field then after mapping all the important fields we have

In call transactions there are 3 modes:
A - To show all the screen.
N - No screen will show.
E - If any error occurs then the screen will show.

In call transaction there have 2 update modes:

In call transaction if you want to handle error / exception then we can do this using bdcmsgcoll.

it_bdcdata will contain the structure of BDCDATA which has the following fields:
PROGRAM - It will hold the running program name.
DYNPRO - It will hold the screen number.
DYNBEGIN - It will hold the start screen number.
FNAM - It will hold a field name.
FVAL - It will hold field value.

This structure is used in Batch input.

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