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STMS Process in SAP

June 11, 2024


STMS known as Transport Management System. We do STMS to transport TR from development server to quality server / production server.

Before STMS makes sure that TR has been released from the development server.

To do STMS follow the below steps-

1. Go to Tcode STMS -> Import Overview.

2. Double click on System GWQ, after that you will see lists of TR requests.

3. Then click on the Refresh button on the top left corner.

4. After refreshing your released objects will come at the bottom of the page with a green square box in the status.

5. Click on the Request number and click on Import Request car icon / Ctrl + F11.

6. Then screen will come, put the Target Client and click on Options tab

uncheck the Leave Transport Request in Queue for Later Import
check the Overwrite Originals.
check the Overwrite Objects in Unconfirmed Repairs.

Then click Continue.

7. Then a message box will come like 'The import is executed with the following' click Yes and then ask for login details where you want to transport the TR.

8. After a few seconds the object will transport to the destination server and in the top left corner there is a Refresh button, click on that.

9. Then you will see object status has a green tick mark, it means objects successfully transported, if it's red then there must be a problem with the TR.

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